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Essential Well №2
Refreshment with purity

№2 is ideal for anyone seeking instant refreshment. Indulge in the revitalizing experience of this water, reinvigorating your senses with every sip. Stay hydrated and rejuvenated throughout your day, revitalizing your body and mind.

Ca <150    SO4 <50    Mg <50    Na+K 500…1250    HCO31700…3450    Cl <100

Mineralization 2,5…5 g/l

Essential Well №4
Tonicity and recovery

№4 is perfect for everyone who wants to keep the body in good shape, look beautiful and be energetic. Cheer up and feel your attractiveness and inwardness!

Ca <50-125    SO4 <25    Mg <50    Na+K 200…2800    HCO3 4500…7000    Cl <200-600

Mineralization 7…10,5 g/l

Essential Well №17

The saturation of minerals

№17 will become a good method to improve well-being, fill your body with essential minerals and strengthen the immune system. Improve your health and make your skin shine!

Ca 70-150    SO4 <25    Mg <50    Na+K 1500…3000    HCO3 4500…8000    Cl <300-600

Mineraliseerimine 6,5…12 g/l


Essentuky Baltic OÜ is a beverage wholesale company founded in 2009 to distribute beverages in the Baltic States, Nordic countries and other regions of Europe. The Essential Well brand belongs to Essentuky Baltic and it’s mission is to give their consumers the vital minerals needed with the highes effectivenes to their health.

The Zakarpattya Region is a well-known resort not only in Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries. Its mineral waters and their unique healing qualities were first described in a historical document dating back to 1463. Till our days many people go there to cure their bodies and souls enjoying breathtaking mountain views and unique mineral waters.

In 1709 Hungarian king Francis II Rakoczi has visited local mineral water springs and has seen for himself that they have truly magical influence on human body. During his rule local mineral waters were exported directly to the Peter I court in St Petersburg, Russia and other noble households in Europe.

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